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The world of health insurance and employee benefits can be challenging, time consuming and costly.

  • Rising costs with fewer benefits

  • Many carriers, options and plans with tiny fine print (which changes without warning)

  • Confusing, changing compliance rules

  • Politics on all sides confusing your employees and their families


We’ll help you not only get it, but rule it.

Moore Benefits is the award-winning preferred benefits partner of California-based organizations who are looking for the best strategic approach, expertise and personal service to nurture their employees’ health and wellness.

Personalized Service

One-on-one counseling with your employees to augment YOUR team and be part of YOUR culture.

Be an Employer of Choice

Attract, retain and engage employees. From creating the best benefit programs, keeping costs in line, and deploying wellness strategies, we’ve got you covered.

Strategic approach to benefits

With great tactical execution – You can keep running things without worry. We’ve got this!

Our Clients Say it Best

Our new employees rave about the customer service, and everything is going great in our relationship, and please don’t ever change. Who ever writes notes like this?

David | The Electron Shop

Everyone at our company has been so happy and felt so taken care of. What a world of difference!

Kristin | Smith Dickson

I love the team out of Irvine, protecting us from the apathy of insurance company "customer service" agents. It's a winner on all sides.

Recargo | Norman

The Moore Benefits team are very proactive in helping us get through the myriad of acronyms and complexities that are found in health care insurance plans.

Dan | Habitat for Humanity

You are an invaluable asset and have taken so much of the HR burden off our staff.

Mike | Microtek Laboratories


Client Satisfaction

#1 Reason Clients Love Us: Personal Service

Our Client Service Rules!

We truly care about you and your employees. We will work tirelessly to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business model and deliver an employee benefits plan that is built exclusively for your organization. 

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Ready to  
Rule your World?