Why Mindfulness Is So Much More than Hippie Hogwash

By Kelly Moore | Feb 13, 2018

Ahhhooom, Ahhhooom… …The room is dark and filled with candles…and you are seated in the lotus position trying to meditate your way to a stronger company and the accomplishment of your business (and personal) goals, right? Well, actually probably not because you have a TON to do today…and could be fresh out of candles. But…

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Moore Benefits Expands to Phoenix; Hires New Senior Benefits Consultant

By Kelly Moore | Feb 6, 2018

Moore Benefits, Inc., a growing health benefits brokerage for small and mid-sized businesses, today announced that it is expanding into the Phoenix-area with a new office to service the needs of Arizona-based businesses. The company has hired Keith Walton as a Senior Benefits Consultant for the new Phoenix office. Previously, Walton worked as a Financial…

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New Study Says Americans Are Crazy Stressed About Health Insurance

By Kelly Moore | Jan 30, 2018

“If it can be solved, there’s no need to worry, but if it can’t be solved, worry is of no use.” — Dalai Lama Wise words from the Lama and yet according to a new study published by the American Psychological Association (APA), 69 percent of Americans with an income of $50,000 a year or…

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Common Questions: What Should Employers Pay Towards the Health Plan?

By Kelly Moore | Jan 23, 2018

(VIDEO) Kelly Moore, President of Moore Benefits, answers a common question about the appropriate employer contribution to a health plan.  

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Healthcare Now Our Largest Employer

By Kelly Moore | Jan 16, 2018

The good news is that people here in the United States are living longer. Yay…life!  And that coupled with some serious growth in medical spending (I mean, just look at pharmaceutical advertising these days) is driving the healthcare field to new heights. In the last quarter, for the first time in history, healthcare has surpassed…

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More Time for ACA Reporting Deadlines This Year

By Kelly Moore | Jan 9, 2018

A bit of good news for employers out there re: the Affordable Care Act’s information-reporting requirements. The IRS (you know them, you’ve seen their spiffy grey suits and sunglasses) recently extended the deadline to deliver ACA reporting forms to employees from Jan. 31, 2018 to March 2, 2018 (30-day extension). The extended deadline applies to…

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Great Service Makes a Great Gift

By Kelly Moore | Dec 19, 2017

Let’s face it, this time of year is usually about stuff. Clothes, jewelry, toys, electronics and apparently even new cars with big red bows on them (although I’ve never personally witnessed this ad-based phenomenon in the real world). …And stuff is great — we need stuff. It’s important. But we also need each other to get all…

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Messing with Payroll the Right Way

By Kelly Moore | Dec 12, 2017

When you have employees (including yourself), there is a golden rule of business — don’t screw around with payroll. Your prized people (and their creditors) are COUNTING on those checks to be delivered on time, every time and fully funded—and then of course the lovely federal and state governments are counting on taking their piece…

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The One Where CVS Buys Aetna

By Kelly Moore | Dec 5, 2017

It’s good to have friends, right? Even when you’re a ginormous health insurance carrier like Aetna. Although rumored for months, it was JUST announced that one of Aetna’s longtime friends, CVS Health, is buying the company for $69 billion. (Yep, a pretty good friend to have). The deal creates a new type of company that includes…

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Living and Working in the Age of Harassment

By Kelly Moore | Nov 28, 2017

The list is growing…and we’re not talking about Santa here, kids. The REALLY naughty list of names stretches from Silicon Valley to Hollywood— and now even Richard Branson has added his name to it. With a new poll from TIME Magazine showing that almost half of America’s working women say they have been harassed at…

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