Fixing Healthcare By Fixing Prices

By Kelly Moore | Apr 17, 2018

Our clients frequently ask me why insurance rates keep going up every year with no end in sight. And it’s easy to blame the insurance companies. But, when you take a closer look, it’s actually the COST of providing health care services that determines everything—and recently, a California lawmaker unveiled a proposal calling for the state…

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NYC Considering After-Hours Work E-mail Ban

By Kelly Moore | Apr 3, 2018

According to Gallup data, more than one-third of full-time workers say they frequently check e-mail outside of “normal working hours,” whatever that means in today’s 24/7 working culture. But a bill introduced in the New York City Council recently gives employees the right to disconnect from work-related e-mails after office hours. That’s right, the new…

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Most Significant HR Changes of the Past Decade

By Kelly Moore | Mar 27, 2018

Human resources is one of the most important components of an effective (and profitable) company or organization. And it’s always changing—as new tools and technologies create new ways to take care of the people who take good care of the bottom line. Employee benefits expert and president of Moore Benefits, Inc., Kelly Moore recently provided…

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IRS Announces Increased Max Contribution Limits for HSAs

By Kelly Moore | Mar 20, 2018

Your buds in black (or sometimes very, very dark gray) suits at the IRS at the intersection of Maryland and Virginia have recently provided some “new new” guidance regarding health savings accounts (HSAs). This replaces some previously released info earlier in the year. Try to keep up, will ya? So the maximum contribution limit for…

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Moore Benefits Now Offers Online Employee Training for Employers

By Kelly Moore | Mar 13, 2018

“Conference room in 15 minutes!” Oooh the shivers of absolute dread from both managers and staff as the team gathers for various “forced fun” trainings (like harassment training, which is mandatory for employers of 50+ staff members). (Sigh). Don’t you wish there was a better way? Well, Moore Benefits now offers high quality, on-demand courses…

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Apple Launches Its Own Medical Clinics for Employees

By Kelly Moore | Mar 6, 2018

Well, if you want something done right, do it yourself. A fine motto for many things in life, but Apple (the world’s wealthiest company) is now bringing some of that world-class innovation directly to its employees in the form of company-owned healthcare clinics. The company recently announced that it will launch primary care clinics called…

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(VIDEO) Common Questions: Virtual Visits

By Kelly Moore | Feb 27, 2018

Kelly Moore from Moore Benefits answers a common question about how to increase utilization of the company’s health insurance plan via virtual dr. visits. Call us to find out more!  

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Some Companies Turning to Social Media-Like Tools to Boost Employee Engagement

By Kelly Moore | Feb 20, 2018

According to research, 81 percent of Americans have at least one social media profile—and two hours are spent on social media every day by the average person (yes, it’s mostly spent watching amazing dog and cat videos) But social media channels have changed us and while organizations aren’t using LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the…

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Why Mindfulness Is So Much More than Hippie Hogwash

By Kelly Moore | Feb 13, 2018

Ahhhooom, Ahhhooom… …The room is dark and filled with candles…and you are seated in the lotus position trying to meditate your way to a stronger company and the accomplishment of your business (and personal) goals, right? Well, actually probably not because you have a TON to do today…and could be fresh out of candles. But…

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Moore Benefits Expands to Phoenix; Hires New Senior Benefits Consultant

By Kelly Moore | Feb 6, 2018

Moore Benefits, Inc., a growing health benefits brokerage for small and mid-sized businesses, today announced that it is expanding into the Phoenix-area with a new office to service the needs of Arizona-based businesses. The company has hired Keith Walton as a Senior Benefits Consultant for the new Phoenix office. Previously, Walton worked as a Financial…

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