Are the Best Applicants Ghosting You?

By special guest blogger and HR expert, Lorein Brightwell, PLB Resources

I’ve always said that a job search is like dating. You meet… you feel the connection…you have a great time… But even though they have your number, you never hear from them again. Sound familiar?

Well, if it sounds really familiar, then you haven’t been on a job search lately….THE TABLES HAVE TURNED...the hunter is now the hunted! That’s right…the unprecedented low unemployment rate is putting the job candidate right in the driver’s seat!

And just like in dating, the practice of “GHOSTING” is showing up in the workplace. That’s right…seemingly promising applicants (albeit etiquette school drop outs) are disappearing during the interview process, ignoring your calls or simply not showing up after accepting offers – otherwise known as “ghosting.”

Job seekers are the ones not returning calls after promising dates/interviews. Some are even accepting job offers and just not showing up for the job! I’m serious!

And two pints of double-crunch, pralines & cream ice cream, sugar-free (of course) with chocolate sprinkles on top, won’t stop the pain from this rapidly spreading virus, but you might try these four tips…and call me in the morning:

  1. Woo them with the job, not just the company ‘culture’ and benefits…that’s so last administration.
  2. Focus on whether the applicant will enjoy doing the job. Trust me; it’s a sign of the times.
  3. Propose a deadline for withdrawing from consideration for the position. Hey…it’s a different world! Use your best judgment if you want to use this time to bring up past “ghosting” experiences, which have left you disappointed in the past. Also, put a deadline on any offer you extend.
  4. Find out their “number.” That’s right, ASK. You need to know…try to get a sense of how many other suitors/potential employers they are courting/interviewing. You will gain a greater sense of your odds. What number did you THINK I meant?!

Face the truth….early and often…denial doesn’t help. I know it’s hard to believe you’ve been “ghosted…” You think they must have had an accident…or they don’t get cell phone reception in the well in which they fell….SNAP OUT OF IT!…this is happening and you’re burning valuable daylight here. NEXT!

Time is money, but there is someone for everyone. The HR Consulting Company of PLB Resources is here to help you make the right matches during your employee search. Let us know how we can help!

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