Blood is Thicker than Water, But Family BS is Thicker Than Both

feudPeople like us. They like doing business with us. They love our personal service and our solid industry knowledge. So picking our firm to save a prospect from the perils of employee benefits and healthcare insurance should be a lock, right?

Not so fast. (And this is where the coming legions of robot overlords have us beat.) We (humans) make our business decisions emotionally and sometimes based on relationships, including selecting certain business partners who may be friends and family. This is why we’ll be so easy to conquer.

It’s a tough one. So we created this handy guide to help you make a better call.

The Better Broker Vs. The Family Member (Who Also Provides the Service)

The better broker stays up to date on the latest and greatest employee benefits and healthcare info to keep YOUR business running efficiently.
The family member sometimes stays on your couch.

The better broker makes sure YOUR company stays in compliance with all state and federal laws.
The family member makes you attend her daughter’s awful performance of Little Shop of Horrors at the middle school.  

The better broker provides ongoing personal service and tips about how to make the most of YOUR employee benefits and healthcare insurance plans.
The family member provides updates about the weird cousin’s tryouts for “The Voice” and how the whole things is “rigged.”

Hey, we all love our families, but when dealing with something as important and dynamic to YOUR business as employee benefits, you probably want/need the very best team at your side, not just someone on your family tree who also happens to provide this service.

See what you’re missing by calling in our team of employee benefits and health insurance superheroes for a free review of your plans and start the new year off with a great decision and better service!

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