Some Companies Turning to Social Media-Like Tools to Boost Employee Engagement

According to research, 81 percent of Americans have at least one social media profile—and two hours are spent on social media every day by the average person (yes, it’s mostly spent watching amazing dog and cat videos) But social media channels have changed us and while organizations aren’t using LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the like to engage their employees, many are taking the features that make these social media channels so successful and adding them to their internal communications and learning platforms. These include:

Gamification — Novartis makes a literal game of educating employees about its (wildly entertaining) pharmaceutical products, reporting a 12 percent increase in employee satisfaction after the first year of implementation.

Socialization — According to Nielsen, 92 percent of people trust earned media, like recommendations from their peers, over all other forms of media. This is one of the reasons why Facebook launched Workplace to extend its success into the corporate world. Facebook Workplace is a dedicated space for employees to connect, communicate and collaborate on work-related initiatives. Anyone familiar with Facebook features such as Messenger, live streaming video and trending stories, can jump right in and engage in a similar fashion at the office. Volkswagen Ireland, a 125-employee division of the international automaker, actively uses Workplace across multiple passenger and commercial brands. Their efficiency is up and e-mails are down.

Rewards — Peer recognition is a critical building block in any strong company culture, but people get busy and recognition often gets overlooked. Many companies, including Oracle, Pointroll and ZipRecruiter, use Bonusly, a platform for recognition and rewards that aims to improve employee engagement. On average, these companies report more than 80 percent adoption. 

Employee engagement is critical to any company’s success—and in HR, it’s key to ruling your world. My team of employee benefits and health insurance experts is always available to guide you, provide some ideas or and answer your questions about employee engagement. You can catch us between the next batch of dog/cat videos!

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Social Media Proves To Boost Employee Engagement

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