Holding Out for a Hotline

One of THE coolest things about Batman isn’t his arsenal of black (or very, very dark gray) gadgets, his incredible intellect and deductive reasoning or even that car, it’s the fact that the police have a direct line to him whenever there’s big trouble in Gotham. All Commissioner Gordon needs to do is go up to the roof and light up the Batsignal and the Dark Knight won’t be far away.

Everyone needs some help every now and then, right?

Well, HR pros and business owners (who have to do HR stuff) rejoice — your team of employee benefits and health insurance superheroes brings you yet another cool, free service — a HR hotline with expert advice just a call or click away.

HR experts are available to help you with tricky things like:

  • Hirings and Terminations
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Wage and Hour Issues
  • Harassment and Discrimination Claims
  • And more…

It’s not the Batsignal, but if you’re dealing with these types of HR issues, it’s the next best thing. …And it’s free (thanks to Moore Benefits!)

Just call your super team at (949) 872 2380 or e-mail: superpowered@moorebenefits.com and we’ll get one of our HR consultants (backed by employment attorneys) right back to you within 1 business day. (that is the same guarantee made by Batman by the way).

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