HR: Your Profit Center

As an employer, you already know how hard it is to find, hire and keep your most talented people. And competition for their skills is increasing. According to a recent article in Forbes, “…73 percent of employers say there is a talent shortage in their industry, and 92 percent say talent shortages are hurting their business.”  Yikes.  

And with a majority (67 percent) of employees saying they are disengaged at work, companies will need to lean on their trusty Human Resources departments more than ever and maybe even start to view them as profit centers—absolutely key to the company’s success.  

At Moore Benefits, we value the Human Resources Dept. as a profit center for their organizations. We are proud to work alongside them to clarify all of the changes and news surrounding health insurance and other employee benefits to help them not just “get” all of it, but rule it. Because when HR rules and takes exceptional care of the team in every way, the company is going to rule too. Contact me or my team of employee benefits experts at any time to ask questions or compare your various plan options!

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Is Human Resources Your Next Profit Center?

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