IBM’s A.I. Predicts When Employees Will Leave Their Jobs

Wanna hear something kinda cool but also kinda creepy? In sort of an HR-version of Minority Report, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty recently spoke at a HR Summit in New York and said the company’s artificial intelligence technology is now 95 percent accurate in predicting which employees (at IBM) are planning to leave their jobs.

“The best time to get to an employee is before they go,” she said.

IBM HR has a patent for its “predictive attrition program” which was developed with Watson to predict employee flight risk and prescribe actions for managers to engage employees. Rometty would not explain “the secret sauce” that allowed the AI to work so effectively in identifying workers about to jump (officially, IBM said the predictions are now in the 95 percent accuracy “range”). Rometty would only say that its success comes through analyzing many data points.

According to IBM, among the tasks that HR departments and corporate managers have not always proved effective at, and where AI will play a bigger role in the future, is keeping employees on a clear career path and identifying their skills.

Rometty added: “This is all a game about skill and having people with the right skills, and everyone’s job is changing.”

New A.I.-led HR capabilities like these are interesting, but they do bring up new issues including privacy, disclosure and legal concerns and of course, just maintaining a little bit of “humanity” in our human resources. But knowing about these things helps HR and company owners rule their world—however creepy it might be getting.

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