Like a Glove: The Power of Fit

Did you know that more than 75 percent of the decision to hire a new team member is based on cultural “fit.” So what is this magical and highly subjective thing called “fit” and how do YOU know when it’s right? We sat down with renowned staffing/placement expert Kathy Dawson of Dawson & Dawson recently to talk about fit and why it matters.

Moore Benefits: Kathy, why is “fit” SO important for employers?

Dawson: When hiring someone new, most people go immediately to the tangible skills, experience, etc. But in 37 years doing this work, we’ve learned that the intangibles like “fit” are extremely important. Workplaces are like little ecosystems and in order for everyone to thrive, they must strike the right balance. So being aware of each organization’s culture is so important. Some firms also do personality assessments of new hires to figure out how they work best and how they think. This can help make sure everyone is set up for success. And we recommend hiring for “fit” and then training for some of the missing skills that are needed. You can always teach skills, but if the fit is wrong, it’s much harder to fix that.

MB: How do you determine a “good” fit?

Dawson: Within 24-48 hrs, we meet with the client and have them show us their offices. We’re looking for clues that we can use to determine what type of workplace this is and thus, who will make the best candidates for it. For example, if the office is extremely quiet and still and the decor is very conservative, we know a really outgoing, loud individual might not be happy there. Fit is about putting the right person into the right working environment for them and their work style and preferences. All people are different so you have to do the work to figure this out.

MB: Kathy, why is it important for employers to keep teaching their teams new skills?

Dawson: That’s just like life — no one stays in exactly the same place for very long and with record low unemployment, companies really want to work hard to retain their people. Employers that show their employees that they are making an investment in them reap the rewards of better loyalty and stronger cultures.

Some great stuff from Kathy Dawson who we love working with whenever we get the chance. Moore Benefits has a large network of friends and providers and sharing their expertise with YOU is just one more way we help you rule your world!

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