Little Cali Kingdoms Enforce Different Minimum Wage Rules

Big kingdoms like the great state of California are made up of lots of little ones. And if you run a business that employs minimum wage staffers, you’re probably used to keeping up with changes coming down from the big kingdom, at least once a year.

But the little kingdoms are working too, and on July 1, some of our state’s city and local governments increased the minimum wage hourly pay requirements. So here’s the info straight from California employment and immigration law specialists Carothers DiSante & Freudenberger LLP:

City of Los Angeles – $12.00 (25 or fewer employees)/$13.25 (26+ employees)
County of Los Angeles – $12.00 (25 or fewer employees)/$13.25 (26+ employees)
Emeryville – $15 (1-55 employees)/$15.69 (56+ employees)
Malibu – $12.00 (25 or fewer employees)/$13.25 (26+ employees)
Milpitas – $13.50
Pasadena – $12.00 (25 or fewer employees)/$13.25 (26+ employees)
San Francisco – $15.00
San Leandro – $13.00
Santa Monica – $12.00 (25 or fewer employees)/$13.25 (26 or more employees)

So while the state has its minimum wage requirements and the federal government also enforces its own rules, please be aware that YOUR city and local governments will have their say as well. Ruling your world means having all the answers before the questions are asked and WAY before trouble comes up.  At Moore Benefits, my team of employee benefits and health insurance experts are here to help and always available to answer questions and provide needed resources.

Hey, it’s the least we can do, or perhaps in this case the minimum?

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