#MeToo is Pretty Much Swamping HR

A great flood is described as being a deluge. And when fallen media mogul Harvey Weinstein was first accused of sexual harassment (and now rape) his case set off the global #MeToo movement speaking out against sexual harassment in the workplace — and dropping a deluge of new work on HR departments.

“It created this HR level of activity like nothing we’ve ever seen,” says Johnny Taylor, CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management. He says what began with Hollywood executives, news anchors and celebrity chefs is now taking hold in every industry, and at all levels of employment. “It starts off with women … being harassed in the workplace,” he says, but then evolves into demands to address pay equity, bullying or retaliation.

Sharon Sellers, an HR consultant based in Santee, S.C., says her caseload of sexual harassment investigations has tripled since late last year. Her cohorts in other parts of the country report a similar boom, she says. “I’ve heard: ‘It’s a madhouse, it’s crazy, I can’t keep up with the work,’ ” Sellers says. “And, I am pretty well in that same position.”

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#MeToo Complaints Swamp Human Resource Departments 

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