Mythbusting Around Employee Benefits

mythbustedThe human mind is a wonderful thing. Lots of nerve endings processing electrical impulses and creating our thoughts, our values and our beliefs. It’s just amazing. And while some of our beliefs can guide and protect us very well such as “crossing the street into oncoming traffic really isn’t going to work out…,” etc., some of them become a sort of mythology that really doesn’t serve us well.

One of these we see in the employee benefits business often is the “I really can’t work with a new broker right now because I just renewed my health insurance and benefits packages” myth. (insert sad music here) So…let’s bust that sucker.

First, you should know that these are two separate (yet related) services and don’t have to be decided at the same time. Your broker gets to know your business, works with you and can help you select the right plans and packages. Your insurance carriers fulfill the services, but don’t provide the same level of personal service, market knowledge and technology solutions to handle this important part of your business. In fact, it’s a great idea to pick your broker, have them evaluate everything you’re doing during the course of the year and then as your renewal time approaches, it’s much easier for them to make recommendations and guide you.

So you really have two separate decisions to make — Who is going to be our partner and help guide us through the confusing and frustrating land of employee benefits?  And then, which carriers are we going to use to make all of this work for our employee and our company? And of course, once you have a great broker on board (like my team of employee benefits and health insurance superheroes at Moore Benefits) then they should be helping you throughout the year and especially at your renewal time.  So you see, two decisions — two things, not one.

Hey, the human mind likes making decisions almost as much as it likes creating belief systems that turn into myths. And now that we’ve busted this myth, the next decision is really up to you. But let’s face it, dealing with insurance carriers yourself can be pretty evil. So when YOU encounter this evil (and you will), who can help you?

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