New Report Shows Who’s Feeling the Most Stress at Work

Do people more stressed out at work than they used to be? April is National Stress Awareness Month, so it’s a pretty good time to talk about workplace stress, right?

Well, LinkedIn (a Microsoft company) conducted its own survey of almost 3,000 professionals and about 49 percent of those workers reported feeling stressed in their jobs. That’s a pretty big number as these surveys go.

Now, Paul Petrone, a senior editor at Linkedin, attributes some of that to technology, specifically AI creating uncertainty about the future of some jobs and requiring new job skills to compete. And of course, the ever-increasing workload and subsequent effect on work-life balance was up there on the list too.

One interesting tidbit was that Gen X workers seem to be the most stressed out because they are concerned about the future.

Also, as people move up from individual contributors to middle management to the executive level, LinkedIn data shows their stress level only increases. (Yay—Something to look forward to while climbing that corporate ladder!)

Oh and in case you think there’s a gender difference, that’s really not true. According to the survey, about 50 percent of men report feeling stressed while 48 percent of women said the same thing, so that’s about equal.

Hey, we have a whole month dedicated to “stress awareness” and now that we’re super “aware,” what do we DO about it? Because ruling your world begins with having the information, and then it’s really about making choices that improve the situation for YOUR company.

At Moore Benefits, my team of employee benefits and health insurance experts can advise you and your company about wellness programs and the latest stress-reducing programs and techniques. Just give us a call and we’ll all try to remain at peace!

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Stress at Work Report: Who is Feeling It the Most and How to Combat It–who-is-feeling-it-the-most-and-how-to-com

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