New Tech Tools and Ideas Make Performance Reviews Less Painful

If there’s one term in business that can send shudders down any manager or HR person’s spine, it’s performance reviews. There are many ways to do them and some are great, some are awful and some are just there. But technology is coming to the rescue of many Moore Benefits clients who are using a tool we offer on HR360 to build an annual performance review model that fits your specific business needs. We offer this tool at no additional charge to our clients.

One other idea we recommend to clients is to start using the “3×3” method, which does not tie the performance discussion to salary changes. It allows a venue for the manager and team member every 3 months to discuss:

  1. accomplishments,
  2. challenges, and
  3. opportunities for improvement

At the end of the meeting, which lasts about 30 minutes, the manager and employee set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Based) goals for the next 3×3 session, and go ahead and put that next meeting on the calendar. By doing this regularly, managers can better monitor performance and create a safe atmosphere to talk about things that they may not otherwise have time to address.

Hey, it’s competitive out there for employees and if you want to keep yours, then make sure your review process is effective and inspiring instead of something to dread annually…like a root canal. Ruling your world is about getting this level of hands-on assistance and it goes way beyond benefits. Contact my team of healthcare insurance and employee benefits with any questions or needs!

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HR360 Performance Review Tools (Moore clients get this at no additional charge!)

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