Top 3 Ways Employers Can Cut Health Insurance Costs

By MooreBenefits | Jan 29, 2009

Instead of layoffs and unemployment, here are key ways for companies to save money and keep employees insured, while still staying competitive! 1. Replace co-pay plans with high deductible plans and health savings accounts. Passed by legislation in 2004, this is a good idea for employers who currently offer co-pay plans with relatively low out-of-pocket…

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Which is best…COBRA or Individual Coverage?

By MooreBenefits | Jan 21, 2009

With so many people out of work, people are faced with the question of continuing coverage under COBRA or purchasing their own insurance policy. Here is the BIG question: 1. Are you insurable? If you are healthy, your best bet is to shop for your own plan. If not, individual insurance carriers may decline to…

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IRS Guidance on Health Savings Accounts

By MooreBenefits | Dec 22, 2008

For all the companies out there trying to determine the exact rules of how much an employer may contribute toward Health Savings Accounts, and how to avoid violating non-discrimination rules, the IRS released this advice today: Employer matching contributions to the HSA through a cafeteria plan are not subject to the comparability rules, but…

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Moore Benefits Inc. on CNBC Live

By MooreBenefits | Dec 11, 2008

Companies are looking for creative ways to cut costs in light of skyrocketing health care expenses. American Business Bank is one of my clients who offers a high-deductible health plan, with a Health Savings Account, alongside traditional plans. Since most employees selected that plan, the bank actually reduced their expenses this year, whereas most companies…

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