Sanders’ MediCare for All Idea Continues to Stir Up Feelings

If you’re REALLY bored at the next family gathering or cocktail party, just say three magic words. Medicare. For. All. Then stand back because it’s gonna get either really entertaining or really ugly depending on who’s there with you.

Well, entertainment value aside, recently good ol’ Uncle Bernie’s idea which (depending on where you sit politically) that has been called everything from a “pipe dream” to the “smartest and bestest idea ever,” made some news recently when a new study came out saying it would cost $32.6 trillion to implement.  And as you might have guessed, even this study was reported either negatively or positively depending on politics. Isn’t it more than a little bit sad that “health care insurance news” is now reported as “politics?” It didn’t used to be this way and it’s not a good trend for the truth.

Back to Bernie — Sanders’ idea/plan would essentially expand Medicare to cover everyone, rather than just those older than 65. Individuals (and their employers) would no longer need to shoulder co-pays for medical care or premiums for private insurance coverage. Instead, the government would pay everyone’s medical bills. In California this is also known as a “single payer system” and Moore Benefits isn’t in favor it either in the state of California or nationally for a lot of the same reasons we’ve covered before.

What’s interesting is how like most things involving the highly politicized issue of health insurance, you can’t find the actual facts about this stuff because odds are someone’s trying to influence your vote rather than inform you and your employees. How can you be expected to rule your world when there are so many different forces reporting different numbers and different ideas?

For example, this October, we’ll see the first short-term, limited-duration insurance and association health plans. Both offer lower premiums than comprehensive health insurance, but also cover less. The plans won’t be sold through

At Moore Benefits, we don’t care how you vote or even which way you lean. At the end of the day we know you’ve got a business to run and employee benefits to manage. And my team of experts can help you do exactly that. Call us with any questions or to review your current plans and make sure there aren’t new developments out there that could help your business save money and keep your team happy and motivated!
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