Most Significant HR Changes of the Past Decade

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Human resources is one of the most important components of an effective (and profitable) company or organization. And it’s always changing—as new tools and technologies create new ways to take care of the people who take good care of the bottom line.

Employee benefits expert and president of Moore Benefits, Inc., Kelly Moore recently provided her thoughts about the most significant changes to HR over the past decade. They are:

  1. Employee engagement.  Back in the day, you posted a job, offered a compensation package and training, and the employee was supposed to work.  Period.  Now, they need to be engaged, in such a way that they have meaningful work, they are being developed for more fulfilling roles and have a say in how things are done.
  2. Robust benefits package.  No longer simply medical, dental, vision and maybe life or disability insurance, the benefits offered today round out the employees’ lives for health and financial security. Voluntary benefits, educational assistance and more time off for more reasons. Also, all access to these benefits needs to be online.
  3. Human resources as a legal watchdog.  No longer paper pushers and administrators, human resources departments are flooded with a constant stream of new rules, regulations and dangers from employee litigation in every stage of the lifecycle.  The most common infraction is in the area of pay practices, discrimination and harassment.
  4. Wellness invasiveness. Even though wellness has been around a long time, in the past decade it has grown to encompass the employee lifestyle. Because most of our overburdened healthcare system is treating lifestyle-related illnesses, HR is asked to incentivize improvement on how employees eat, drink, exercise, handle stress, schedule wellness screenings and take medications.
  5. Payroll / HR / Benefits integration. Handling the administration, while more complex, can be more streamlined, as technology allows even the smallest companies to affordably integrate the employee lifecycle online.

HR is always changing and you can be sure the list will be very different ten years from now. If your company needs help understanding any of this stuff related to employee benefits and health insurance, the Moore Benefits team of experts can help!

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