The Coming Age of Inhuman Resources?

Technology. Like sriracha sauce, a little can be great while a whole lot of it can cause REALLY big problems. Right now, we’re seeing this trend play out as human resources becomes much more digital.  

Florida business consultant Dennis Zink agrees, saying, “the digitalization of human resources is widely accepted. Companies save time posting jobs, sifting through resumes, contacting qualified candidates, scheduling interviews, filing necessary forms, complying with regulations, performing training, scheduling shifts, tracking hours, managing payroll, overseeing performance reviews, ensuring worker attendance, surveying employee satisfaction, offering fringe benefits and attending to employee issues.”

And I think we can all agree that technology makes work easier for us. Here at Moore Benefits, we arm our clients with the latest and greatest tech tools to get the job done more quickly and efficiently than ever before.
But a problem arises when company owners/operators start to believe that technology tools alone can completely automate and replace the HR function in their companies. Big mistake.  

According to Zink, “human resource departments’ expenditures on average take up to 3 percent of a company’s revenue. HR functions are essential to the success of all company departments, particularly marketing and sales, since they often have the highest turnover.”

Look, we know that HR departments can’t be measured by hard outputs alone. They are the ones who talk people down after having to work with all of the other annoying humans in the building. They remember our birthdays, anniversaries, create fun after-work activities as well as keeping a close eye on essential things like payroll and employee benefits.  

We love HR and we are often used as THEIR secret weapon to help them not only select the best health plans, but keep the company in compliance with all federal, state and local laws—and still have time to pick out the cake for the next party in the break room! In short, we help them rule this stuff and keep all of the company resources decidedly “human” while still taking advantage of the latest tech.  

DENNIS ZINK: Automating human resources

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