Top 2017 Workplace Trends

3066605-poster-p-1-these-are-the-top-5-workplace-trends-well-see-in-2017Welcome back to a new year just bustling with new opportunities and challenges. …And of course, a lot of the same old work, which may feel like December of 2016, but it’s actually not. You see, it’s 2017 now and all of that bad stuff was just left in the rear view mirror. Yes, there’s brand new bad stuff coming (along with the good stuff) and you’ll have to be on your game to succeed this year.

With that, let’s take a quick look at Glassdoors’s Top 2017 Workplace Trends

  • HR Transforms Itself — Not like into a giant robot that fights evil robots and ALSO handles HR, they mean the profession uses big data to get smarter about its main audiences (employees) and put just the right carrot out for the just the right team member at just the right time to create a nirvana of motivational brilliance. Can’t wait!
  • More Things Get Automated — Look, the human race had its day and it was fine. Time to step aside and let machines do the heavy lifting without worry or care about what year it is. Just kidding, we keep a lot of our jobs, but we enslave the robots so they’ll be good and angry with the revolution does come.  Fantastic!
  • Nontraditional Benefits Become Less Popular — Things like repaying student loans and gym memberships apparently don’t motivate people like good health insurance, 401ks and make sure the boss from Office Space doesn’t work at your company bugging people about TPS reports.
  • Progress Narrowing the Wage Gap — Glassdoor says this is at a tipping point and that equal pay is more than a compliance issue, it’s necessary to retain top talent.  Amen.
  • The Gig Economy Will Slow Down — Not so fast, Uber. The data shows that the gig economy really doesn’t generate that much income for people and these antiquated things called jobs are still fairly important. Glassdoor expects it to continue into 2017.

Workplace trends are interesting, but my team of health insurance and employee benefits superheroes and I have learned that every company is different and what’s more important is that YOUR company is attracting and retaining top talent and running efficiently with as few unscheduled goodbye cake parties as possible. If you think your benefits packages could use some work, call in the experts and we’ll be happy to review everything with you.
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These Are The Top 5 Workplace Trends We’ll See In 2017

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