Universal Health Care is a Universally Bad Idea

Lots of people have their views about the universe. Marvel’s consists of Asgard, Earth, all of those freaky Guardians of the Galaxy worlds and the astral plane of Dr. Strange while DC’s Multiverse has Krypton, Earth One, Two, Three, Four and Five (who knows how many), that weird place with the columns where Green Lantern hangs out and even Earth-S (where Shazam is from). Our point here is that all of these worlds although very different, share one very important quality — there is no universal health care in any of them.

Bucking this rather galactic trend, our lovely Golden State of California is dangerously a little closer to approving Bill 562, the Healthy California Act, which (and get ready for this) would cover everyone regardless of immigration status (so yay?) do away with all insurance companies (yay?) and your friend (and theirs) the state government of California would just magically sorta handle everything for you health care wise. Wow.

…And THEN we all woke up. The naivety of this proposed system is almost superhuman. What do we know about government-run health care:

  1. It’s crazy expensive — Who pays for it?  That’s right YOU do with (more than likely) massive business and personal tax increases. And of course, since we already pay the most taxes in the free world (except for Earth 4 that is), we’re looking at setting another unpleasant record.
  2. Quality of care always suffers —  Because people in the health care profession like to be paid for their work and this system will most certainly drive our state’s best doctors and nurses away. For example, the average salary of a registered nurse in California is $135,000. In equivalent dollars, Canadian nurses under their lovely single-payer system make $65,000 per year.
  3. Inefficient, wasteful and inexperienced — Our gov’t really does few things well and are we seriously considering letting them be in charge of our health care in this state? I’d rather have Lex Luthor running things — at least you know where you stand.

And that is why Moore Benefits along with the the California Chamber of Commerce, CAHU and a growing coalition from this Earth, specifically this state, are very much against SB 562 the Healthy California Act and we urge any and all people to get involved, contact your legislators and make your feelings known before we jump right off this cliff with no Superman in sight to save us. In the meantime, our team of employee health benefits superheroes is always just a call or e-mail away to give you the facts, answer your questions and handle these things for you!

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  1. […] Back to Bernie — Sanders’ idea/plan would essentially expand Medicare to cover everyone, rather than just those older than 65. Individuals (and their employers) would no longer need to shoulder co-pays for medical care or premiums for private insurance coverage. Instead, the government would pay everyone’s medical bills. In California this is also known as a “single payer system” and Moore Benefits isn’t in favor it either in the state of California or nationally for a lot of the same reasons we’ve covered before. […]