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Health Benefits Plan Design and Pricing

Ruling at benefits means having a customized, comprehensive strategic plan that determines objectives and positions benefit strategies to work in support of YOUR overall corporate direction. We provide detailed timelines of the actions required to accomplish YOUR goals.

Once implemented, we review and refine the benefit plan each year. With our premier status with all the carriers, we provide access to essentially all insurance and administration markets.

  • We analyze your benefits plan costs against the current program or reliable benchmark information to:
    • project the impact of plan design changes,
    • estimate your renewal costs, and
    • streamline the plan selection process for your employees.

Employee Education & Advocacy

Ruling at employee engagement means having someone who will be around when you and your employees need them.

We provide benefits consultations and claims support directly to your employees, saving you valuable time, and shielding you from the liability that goes with getting into confidential health concerns with your employees.

We are there for your employees and we will:

  • Prepare everything from newsletters that educate employees about wellness and special benefit features to comprehensive benefit booklets that include required legal notices.
  • Teach employees about using their benefits and making smart health care decisions.
  • Support health conversations year-round through a single point of contact.
  • When you or one of your employees calls our offices, we personally answer the call to help the person immediately. If they prefer email, you'll be shocked by the response time.

This stuff is important and we handle it that way.

of Americans

Don't understand basic insurance concepts

We provide benefits consultations and claims support directly to your employees.

of Businesses

Audited by the DOL received fines of over $10,000.

You can rest easy with our regular compliance newsletters, articles, action plans and support to keep you up to date.


Compliance Support

Ruling at compliance is an absolute must. As you might imagine, there are countless rules and regulations governing employee benefit plans (Yes, we call this the fun part!). Our expert team will help ensure that YOU are meeting YOUR compliance obligations.

Our compliance consulting services include preparation of ERISA documents: SPD, SMM and plan documents. We provide COBRA and Section 125 Administration. If you have more than 100 participants in your plan, we will facilitate form 5500 preparation. There is no charge for that awesomeness.

In case you’re having trouble sleeping at night you may also wish to subscribe to our easy-to-read Legislative Briefs that summarize recent federal legislative developments in insurance and employee benefits. We have answers to common COBRA, FMLA, health care reform, HIPAA, HIPAA Privacy, Medicare Part D and Section 125 questions. Our HR library contains commonly used forms in COBRA, FMLA, health care reform, HIPAA, HIPAA Privacy, Medicare Part D and Section 125 administration; and state-specific compliance materials, including COBRA, FMLA, disability laws state mandates and more!

Our Clients Say it Best

Our new employees rave about the customer service, and everything is going great in our relationship, and please don’t ever change. Who ever writes notes like this?

David | The Electron Shop

Everyone at our company has been so happy and felt so taken care of. What a world of difference!

Kristin | Smith Dickson

Jackie’s customer service and personal care that she has extended me today was amazing. Well, all of you are amazing. : ) But kudos to team Moore Benefits for going the extra mile for all of us during this transition!

Rashida | GNOMON

I love the team out of Irvine, protecting us from the apathy of insurance company "customer service" agents. It's a winner on all sides.

Recargo | Norman

The Moore Benefits team are very proactive in helping us get through the myriad of acronyms and complexities that are found in health care insurance plans.

Dan | Habitat for Humanity

Our employee's daughter had an issue last week, he stated the matter was resolved quickly and they had to do little else except call the number on your First Call card and everything was handled from there.

Jason | Wolf Mechanical

Human Resource Tools

Ruling at benefits also means having the latest tech tools. Our no-cost Employee Navigator portal features employee access and self-service, including online enrollment, policy summaries and side-by-side plan comparisons, total compensation statements, reports for the HR executive and Android and iOS mobile apps.

Although the status of the ACA is uncertain and changing like the tide, we even provide complete resources for full-time equivalent tracking, easy preparation and online filing of ACA forms 1094/1095.

This HR system also has the ability to track leave status and performance review dates, EEOC and veteran status, salary history, birthdays and anniversaries with its unlimited amount of storage for document repository and resource library. Feel the power!

of Employees

Expect decision-making tools during open enrollment

We’ll provide medical and prescription analytics, employee retention plans and open enrollment assistance specified to your business needs and goals.


We’re your trusted source.

Get all these services, plus the guidance to navigate the complexities of insurance, from a partner you can trust.

Outsourced Benefits Administration

Ruling at benefits takes some skills and real-world expertise that you can’t fake. Moore Benefits provides full-service benefits administration for both open enrollment and ongoing changes. We communicate additions, terminations and changes to the carriers, handle COBRA processing, FSA and HSA coordination and even perform insurance bill audits and reconciliation.

Additionally, our connections to several payroll companies makes for a seamless integration, and we provide payroll deduction reports at open enrollment and with each eligibility change. We also have a number of electronic interfaces with benefits vendors, helping to increase speed and accuracy.

Wellness Resources

Being “well” also rules. Chronic diseases and conditions are among the most common, costly and preventable of all health problems. That’s why leading organizations are stepping in and developing wellness programs to help their employees find ways to improve their own health, so less medical intervention is required. (Imagine that!)

With an organized wellness program, companies can assist employees in making voluntary behavior changes, reduce their health risks and enhance their individual productivity. These programs vary widely in design and may include plans for increasing fitness, getting annual vaccinations, managing chronic health conditions or quitting smoking.

Whether it’s a simple monthly wellness newsletter, a comprehensive plan or a health fair, we’ll help you develop a wellness program that fits your needs.

of Employees

were aware of any wellness plans
offered by their employer.

An inactive employee can cost you up to
$1,500 extra in health costs per year! We will help you engage and educate your employees by providing health and wellness plans, benefits guides, and numerous safety and awareness materials.


Client Satisfaction

#1 Reason Clients Love Us: Personal Service

Our Client Service Rules!

You are our #1 Priority. We truly care about you and your employees. We will work tirelessly to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business model and deliver an employee benefits plan that is built exclusively for your organization. 

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