Benefit Plan Brokerage & Consulting Services

Employee Benefits Brokerage & Consulting

Cost and Benefit Analysis at Renewal.  Every Year.  Things have a way of changing, and we make sure you always have the very best benefit plans for your business at the best possible price.


Outsourced Benefits Administration

Complete benefits administration, including eligibility processing.  We handle the heavy lifting so you know, lift lighter things or lift nothing at all.  That part is up to you.

Employee Education & Advocacy

Would you like to have someone help your employees select the plan that meets their specific needs, and then work all year to be sure the plans work as they should?  Details count, and we make sure the i’s are dotted, t’s are crossed and the other letters are sufficiently handled as well.


Our Clients Say it Best

Our new employees rave about the customer service, and everything is going great in our relationship, and please don’t ever change. Who ever writes notes like this?

David | The Electron Shop

Everyone at our company has been so happy and felt so taken care of. What a world of difference!

Kristin | Smith Dickson

Jackie’s customer service and personal care that she has extended me today was amazing. Well, all of you are amazing. : ) But kudos to team Moore Benefits for going the extra mile for all of us during this transition!

Rashida | GNOMON

I love the team out of Irvine, protecting us from the apathy of insurance company "customer service" agents. It's a winner on all sides.

Recargo | Norman

The Moore Benefits team are very proactive in helping us get through the myriad of acronyms and complexities that are found in health care insurance plans.

Dan | Habitat for Humanity

Our employee's daughter had an issue last week, he stated the matter was resolved quickly and they had to do little else except call the number on your First Call card and everything was handled from there.

Jason | Wolf Mechanical


Compliance Support

Keeping your benefit plan in compliance.  This is the part where you sleep at night!

Human Resource Tools

HR Forms, documents and procedures.  Yes, it's exactly as exciting as it sounds!  Plus we provide an HR hotline at no cost to our clients to answer any of your employee benefits and HR questions.


Employee Wellness

Because "wellness" is right up there with "showing up at work-ness".

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