Employee Education & Advocacy

You now have a benefits department that is focused on educating employees about their benefits.  From enrollment to claims support, we have you - and your team - covered.

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Employee Advocacy & Consulting

Ruling at employee engagement means having someone who will be around when you and your employees need them.

We provide benefits consultations and claims support directly to your employees, saving you valuable time, and shielding you from the liability that goes with getting into confidential health concerns with your employees.

We are there for your employees and we will:

  • Prepare everything from newsletters that educate employees about wellness and special benefit features to comprehensive benefit booklets that include required legal notices.
  • Teach employees about using their benefits and making smart health care decisions.
  • Support health conversations year-round through a single point of contact.
  • When you or one of your employees calls our offices, we personally answer the call to help the person immediately. If they prefer email, you'll be shocked by the response time.

This stuff is important and we handle it that way.

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Don't understand basic insurance concepts

We provide benefits consultations and claims support directly to your employees.

Services include:

  • Open enrollment meetings, both in-person and virtual, group and one-on-one.
  • New hire consultations year-round.
  • Custom educational materials produced and delivered.
  • Streamlined plan selection process for employees.
  • Claims advocacy –  We interface with carriers and/or providers to resolve questions regarding billing and/or coverages.
  • First Call Cards - each employee will be given a laminated card with our customer service e-mail and phone numbers, so they can reach us 24/7 when they need immediate attention.  Call us first!
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