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Newsletters, health fairs, smoking cessation, flu shots, you name it!  Be Well!

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Wellness Resources

Being “well” also rules. Chronic diseases and conditions are among the most common, costly and preventable of all health problems. That’s why leading organizations are stepping in and developing wellness programs to help their employees find ways to improve their own health, so less medical intervention is required. (Imagine that!)

With an organized wellness program, companies can assist employees in making voluntary behavior changes, reduce their health risks and enhance their individual productivity. These programs vary widely in design and may include plans for increasing fitness, getting annual vaccinations, managing chronic health conditions or quitting smoking.

Whether it’s a simple monthly wellness newsletter, a comprehensive plan or a health fair, we’ll help you develop a wellness program that fits your needs.

of employees

were aware of any wellness plans
offered by their employer.

An inactive employee can cost you up to
$1,500 extra in health costs per year! We will help you engage and educate your employees by providing health and wellness plans, benefits guides, and numerous safety and awareness materials.

Services include:

  • Newsletter campaigns
  • Health fairs with vendors and giveaways (minimum 75 employees)
  • Coordination of onsite wellness programs, including privacy and guidance with rewards.
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